The Last Post

The Outreachy internship have come to its end…

For me, it have been an incredible experience. I have learned a lot of things about GNOME, most of it about the modules’ translations. I have really enjoyed be part of the Spanish translation team, make contributions to the modules, specially because nobody was translating them and I think this is very important because more Spanish speaking people can use the GNOME applications.

Also, with the creation of the wiki to help new translators, it will easier for them start to translate modules and to be available in Spanish for all the people.

Finally I want to thank Daniel Mustieles, who is the one in charge of the Spanish translation team,for accepting me to be part of this project and for guiding me through this process. Also to Software Freedom Conservancy to create Outreachy for help people from groups underrepresented to get involved in free and open source software.

In the future I will continue to contribute in the Spanish translation team as soon out the new version of GNOME.

Best regards to all.